5 Ways to Detect Hidden Plumbing Leaks

5 means to detect hidden plumbing leakages in your home

Hidden Plumbing Leaks? Call the plumber

Hidden plumbing leaks can be expensive

1. Pay attention to your water costs. Among the very best ways to find hidden plumbing leaks is to pay very close attention to your water bills. If you observe a considerable spike in your costs and your home’s water consumption practices have stayed fairly consistent, it could be a good indicator that there is a leak someplace in your home. Make certain to call Plumbing Livermore as early as possible if you need help determining and/or repairing a leakage.

2. Make note of low water pressure. There are a number of possibilities why you might have low water pressure in your house, but among them is a leak in your water lines. If a leak develops in among your waterlines, water will escape prior to it gets to its destination and cause your water pressure to decrease.

3. Examine your water meter. If you suspect a water leak in your home, you can confirm it by checking your water meter. Turn off all the water inside and outside your house (including faucets, showers, hoses, and so on) and go outside and inspect the reading on your water meter. After an hour two of not using any water in your house, examine the meter once again. If the reading altered, you likely have a water leakage in your house.

4. Look out for signs of water accumulation. If you ever notice water buildup around any of your plumbing home appliances (such as your water heating unit, toilets, washing machine, etc.), there’s a likelihood that they are dripping. In addition to the location around these devices, check your floors, ceilings, walls and under-cabinets for indicators of water damage or discoloration.

5. Listen for leakages. Lots of leaks often develop a dripping or hissing noise, which are particularly apparent when your home is quiet. If you ever hear these sorts of sounds, try to identify the source and contact Cabrillo if you require assistance locating it or dealing with the trouble.
If you have any concerns about ways to identify an unseen plumbing leak in your home, or if you ‘d like a plumbing system serviced or installed in your house, Contact  Plumbing Livermore, your Bay Area plumbing company.